In this post, I will show you some photographs of married couples who have shown to the world that money is not as important as love and that Love is true and blessing. Before you continue reading, please click on the following on the top screen.

To fall in love is one of the most beautiful things any person on earth can do. Biblical love is a biggest of all the commandments, and if a person is in love, he can do for his lover and undo it. He or she violates codes, common events and even goes for a further mile to ensure that your lover is safe and nice.

Many people believe that money is larger than love, or that it's important that decides love. But that's wrong because many people have consistently shown to the world that money is only material and is never anyway larger than love.

These couples had married their lovers, although their differences of rank, height, height and many other elements seem incompatible. For someone who isn't blind, deaf, disabled, dwarf to marry someone who has either of these defects it is good evidence that even if the money isn't involved, love is true.

See more pictures of the people who have gone extra miles, not for money:

From the above images, also her body defect married this man and they had a child together. In a certain way, this is evidence of real love.

If you know someone who gave up or gave up on love, let this person know that love is true, and very soon his or her own bone marrow will find it. He continued to trust and spread affection.