1. Give her some space.

Your presence might have a negative impact on her mind and will make her pull away even more. Give her some space and time alone and later try talking to her if she still doesn't come to you to know what went wrong.

2. Don’t do the same

She is already looking for reasons to ignore you and you are giving her just more reasons to do so. Do you really want that? Just give her little space which after you can come back and during this period don't leave her totally. Just check up on her on few occasions than normal.

3. Perhaps, you are thinking too much

She might have always been the same but either you are noticing it now or wanting more than the usual. Just relax and let things do t bother you much as you will be careful in reading her thoughts.

4. Be kind to her

Your girlfriend might be going through a rush of emotions and confused thoughts at the same time. She might be going through some personal struggle she is not comfortable talking about yet. Just be open to her incase she finally wants to talk without reminding her about the past. Let her see you as her safe haven to run to when she wants to talk. Don't rush her into talking to you.