Urinating on the bed at night is normal among children from a day old till 9 years or thereabout but when your child continues to bet wet even after 9 years of age, then there is a problem.

Urinating on the bed at night can be very embarrassing especially among older children when they go on holidays, go back to school as boarders or be among their peers.

Urinating on the bed at night is an involuntary act done by children and it is more common for boys to bed wet than girls as research has done the ratio as 2 boys to 1 girl that bed wets.

Most children out grow Urinating on the bed at night early enough before 9 years but there are many other ways you can help your child to stop bed wetting on time. 

In this article, I will show you how to help your child stop Urinating on the bed at night on time.

Encourage bathroom trips before bed time.

It is of great importance that you take your child to the bathroom to wee before bed time because when your child empties his or her bladder, there will be no bed wetting.

There are times when your child sleeps on time even before it's late and if you allow your child to continue sleeping without taking him or her to wee, it will led to bed wetting.

Check for constipation

Constipation most times is the major reason of Urinating on the bed at night because when colon close to the bladder is filled with hard or large poop, it will mount pressure on the bladder and this will make your child to bed wet.

Try as much to make sure that your child poops normally by giving your child enough fluids and vegetables for easier bowel movements.

Get an alarm clock for your child

It is important to get an alarm clock for your child especially the older ones as this will help to stop them from bed wetting.

You can set the alarm clock for 3 hours interval and within every 3 hours interval, the alarm clock will wake your child up to go and wee and with this practice, your child will not bed wet again.

Buy a waterproof mattress

This is another way to stop your child from Urinating on the bed at night especially for your younger children.

Most times, it may be difficult for your younger children not to respond to the alarm clock so buying a waterproof mattress will prevent the bed from getting wet whenever your child wee.

Shift times for fluid intake

Don't allow your child to drink much fluid at night times, it is better to encourage your child to drink enough fluids in the day time than at night.

When you stop your child from drinking much fluids at night, your child will not bed wet again.

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