If you find yourself falling for a girl, it can be hard to know if she is feeling the same way.

There are so many ways to communicate with each other that it’s still surprising to find that people struggle to be honest about their feelings.

This is a common problem with men that lacks the confidence to approach but wait for the woman to indicate them that it’s a go.

How to tell if a girl likes you:15 clear signs she’s into you:

[1].She wants to know more:She’ll probe for more information when you offer her information about yourself, and she’ll ask lots of questions.She’ll want to know about your life, friends, work, hobbies, favorite everything, and more.

[2].If a woman isn’t interested in you, she probably won’t say a word to you.She will always avoid you,but a sign that she likes you is her talking to you a lot and she keeps the conversation going.

[3].She laughs at your terrible jokes:You know these are bad jokes, but she’s laughing, so you can rest assured that she’s into you.

[4].She won’t stop smiling:She just likes looking at you, and that makes her happy. If she is smiling a lot, don’t let it weird you out. It means she likes you. 

[5].If she touches you slightly when she laughs or hugs you every time you say something nice, she is trying to tell you that she’s comfortable enough with you to be physically intimate.

[6].She wants to know if you have a girlfriend:Women aren’t subtle these days so don’t be surprised if she just comes right out and asks if you have a girlfriend.

[7].She keeps dropping hints to hang out one-on-one.

[8].She’s physically close to you in public.

[9].She makes herself available:She’ll happily cancel plans to spend time with you so try not to take advantage of it, but definitely take her up on her offer to hang out if she says she’s suddenly free.

[10].She tries to let you know she is single.

[11].She blushes when you give her a compliment:If you tell her she is looking good, you might find that she suddenly turns into a shy girl.

[12].She's get jealous often:This is her reaction to show you she want your attention and energy to be dedicated to her, just because she’s ready to put aside everything after she meets up with you and she’s expecting the same thing from you.

[13].She shows up looking better than usual.

[14].She responds to your texts immediately:When you text, she doesn’t think and responds immediately. Just like she would her best friend.

[15].Her pupils get larger:When you make eye contact with her,look for enlarged pupils. Our pupils tend to get bigger the moment that we look at something that we find to be attractive.