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It is not an easy thing to become pregnant and have a baby in your womb for nine whole month, women are blessing unto we men and we should appreciate them especially when they are pregnant.

I see no reason why any man or husband should give her wife head ache or care less when she is pregnant, this is the moment that she need your love, care and support as a husband because it is not easy to become pregnant.

During this time of their pregnancy, there are somethings that they will begin to do that might upset you and get you really angry but it is not their fault at all, it is because of the situation in which they found themselves at that time so you have to take it as a man or a caring husband.

As a loving and caring man, there are certain things you should never do to your wife when she is pregnant, if you try to do this; it can upset her and cause her lot of depression.

Am listing those things you should never do to your wife when she is pregnant and i am starting from the most important ones to the least ones so keep on reading.

1 Don't quarrel or shout at her during the time of her pregnancy

When she is pregnant like this, the truth is that she will begin to do something that will begin to upset you, this is one of the characteristics they exibit at this moment and as a loving and caring husband, you should endure it and place yourself in her situation if it is easy at all.

2 Don't leave all the house chores for her to do alone.

 "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

When a woman is pregnant, it will become very difficult for her to carry her big tummy up and down to perform all the type of house chores that she does before.

The best thing you can do for her this moment is to asist her with those house chores, it is not a crime for a man to assit her darling wife with house chosres.

3 Don't ever turn a deaf ear to her demands especially when she demand for a particular food that she feel like eating, when she is pregnant; she always feel like eating certain food and some odd ones too.

Don't deny her of this because at this moment, they become very choicy on the type of food they feel like eating.

4 Avoid nagging with her when she begin to nag, it is very normal for her to nag at that presence situation especially if you are begining to show you don't care that much.

At this moment, you will begin to hear her saying something like this "Do you think it is easy to get pregnant and carry a baby for nine whole months in your tommy"? don't argue this but instead try to pet her and let her calm down.

5 Avoid comparing her with other women during pregnancy, all women are different with different strengths and ability, her own is different and they hate it when they are being compared with other women in their situation.

6 When she demand that you message her body and legs, don't feel lazy about this if you want to have peace in that house that day, she can even wake you up in the middle of the night that she can't sleep and you too shouldn't be sleeping because you too are pregnant together.

 "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

sometimes, she might demand for a body or leg message; don't hesitate to do this for her.