The way guys at times plan how they want their relationship to be, so some girls plan their relationship too. 

As a result, making girls ask some certain questions before deciding. Though a girl who is not interested won't bother to ask many questions. 

But a girl who is interested in you will ask some of these questions during the conversation or moment of getting to know each other. And your answer to her questions will determine if she will close come or not.

(1)Questions like what do you expect in the relationship? you know not everyone has the same idea about relationships. Therefore, some girls want to clarify that in the beginning and know before finally saying a yes if possible. 

(2)Questions like, What do you find attractive in a girl? Undoubtedly, before a guy is falling love he must have seen something in that girl that he likes. But don't mention it. Let all your compliments be in a different way even though you have to compliment her. However, love it's a thing of the heart so don't tell her, "I like you for this reason." A thought will come to her mind that when that reason why you are showing interest at the moment will not be there at some point, your love for her will be gone. So she might decline. Besides Don't tell a girl you love her for a particular reason, she might change her attitude.

(3)Questions like, What do you expect assuming we going into a relationship? Don't be too promising in your response. Otherwise, she will say that's what guys always say. The well-being of a relationship its much more in the hands of the guy, but an individual can not make a relationship. Let her understand the power of togetherness, whatever that comes out of a relationship is based on how both individuals handle the relationship.

(4)Questions about your family and friends: every individual came from a family so questions relating to your family will definitely come. And also friends, most importantly, questions like, what your friends enjoy doing during weekends? Be mindful of how you reply, don't go and spoil things because you are trying to be honest. Otherwise, she will judge you based on what you have said about your friends. That's why they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are!

Every girl has their lifestyle. So an answer you gave "Mary" and she is satisfied with, may still not be convincing to "Jennifer". That's why in every situation, try to study a girl first before you talk to her about relationships.