‘You need urgent mental evaluation’ – Anita Joseph slams Akuapem Poloo For Sharing Nude Photo With Son

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Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has slammed Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo, for posing nude with her son for his 7th birthday.

Anita questioned how she went into the studio, removed her clothes and posed naked in front of her son just to break the internet.

According to Anita Joseph, Akuapem Poloo is delusional and needs urgent mental evaluation.

“This is all shades of Wrong
So you actually went to the studio 
Removed your Clothes and got naked
How did you even hold your Son
Watching him see you naked 🙆🏼‍♀️
I also watched the Video you made and also said
You bath with your Son 😳😳😳 
at this Age?
Aunty you really Delusional and you need urgent Mental Evaluation 🙅
You wanted to break the Internet but you Broke yourself Alu melu 

🚶‍♂️There are other decent and creative ways to get the Attention you needed!!
You just messed up this Child’s Head it’s a Shame 🖊

Meanwhile, the Ghanaian actress has apologized for the nude photo she posted whilst insisting her private parts were covered and was not visible in the said photo.

“I was not completely naked. He did not see my organs because I covered myself with a cloth and applied sellotapes to the necessary parts. Besides the picture was taken in my own house,” she said.

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