In this era of getting social media presence, photography has been taken from what we originally knew it to be to another new dimension that is steadily getting more attention.

On several occasions when I surfed the web, I noticed that most women usually have one of their legs shifted in front and slightly raised upward while standing and taking photos. I began to ask questions regarding this and in the course of asking relevant questions, I found that there are two basics reasons why they do it. One of the reasons is as a result of what can be perceived as natural and scientifically related while the other was intentionally done. Now let get into the details of the intent of such display.

First, I would say that standing erect while the two feet are very close to each other makes a person not to have a fair balance on the ground. That is why in the military if you are asked to stand at attention, in few minutes, you will also be commanded to ease yourself and gain some balance by separating your legs apart from each other. Specifically, women usually and slightly raise their legs upwards in a front position while taking pictures in a standing position because they want to gain some balance. They are just avoiding the situation of a sudden fall while on the process of taking the pictures. Some people may ask why must the leg move forward? Why not place it adjacent to the rear leg in a straight line position like most men do? The answer to these questions brings us to the second reason why women slightly raise their legs up in a forward position while taking adorable pictures.  

Biblically, it could be seen that God took his time to create a woman when he made Adam fall asleep for several hours. This shows that woman is a creature of beauty. She thrives in the paradise of anything beautiful. By so doing, she always displays that inherent, adorable and charming curves that were naturally given to her by her maker. 

The moment a woman slightly raise one of her legs forward, the stomach is moved backwards making her curvy backside to project outwards and her chest area moving outward in the forward direction of the raised leg. The moment you see the picture taken while standing in this position you will begin to appreciate the beauty in a woman.

So the two most important reasons why most women stand in this position while taking pictures are because of balance and for them to look beautiful. Remember that photography is a work of art and no women want to be caught not looking beautiful.