This is How Vagina Is Killing Men (Must-Read)

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I hope this thread activates a big awareness in men on the need to emancipate our minds from the slavery imposed upon us by the Vagina. Whether casually or institutionally (marriage).

Straight to the point.

The young men committing suicide these days, due to false rape accusations alone, are quickly increasing. If care is not taken, there won't be enough young men around anymore. Women do not have to hold knives to our necks to take our lives these days. One more man gone is more good news for feminists.

Vagina is taking all the jobs, leaving men to more dangerous and risky occupation. Eventually leading to fatal consequences for men. One more man out of the equation.

They visit you, eat your food, wear your cloths, ride your di*k all night and use your money to uber themselves home. But if things go sour, the rape card is pulled out.

If you think this is limited to Nigerian girls, well, sorry to burst your bubble. It is very similar in many parts of the world. USA, UK, FINLAND, even CHINA.

Women will in due time (if care is not taken) control everything. Child bearing, sex, lack of finance etc, will bring man to more irrelevance. Unless new technology comes soon enough to bring things back to normal. If not, I don't see man surviving this.

THE NEW REALITY (A few woman are different though. But very very few. Like one in five million)

Our previous understanding of women is, loving, caring, supportive etc. My brother, the women out there can literally stab you in the back without remorse. They are all the same. From Australia to South America. Evil minded. If you don't believe, do your research.

Woman live with very deep hatred. (Again, not all of them). They look out only for themselves and every smile they utter to you has its secret purpose attached. 

Most of them have been proven to be very poor decision makers too. Greedy and respecter of no one. (Again i say, not all of them). Eventually, they will have to decide whether we live or not. And be very sure that they will look the other way.

Women have tried to take everything from us, using feminism and "weaker vessel" as cover. We have stood by watching. Even helping them achieve their objectives. This will continue no more!


VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE WAY. The reason we are in this mess in the first place is because of the violence exhibited by men! You don't have to kill, cheat or steal to survive. We can achieve success without involving ourselves in anything wicked.

Of course we can't hate women. We certainly can prevent them from taking what is ours. Here are a few things we should start doing more from now onward.

Note: I am not encouraging same sex relationships or dangerous gatherings in any way. (Neither am i against how you live your life. After all, its your life)

1. Take your mind away from sex. It might seem tough at first but certainly possible. Sex is not food! It is not a must you fu*k pu**y. Start thinking about how to make your life better.

2. Stop focusing on Vagina! or Pu**y! Stop focusing on girls! or breasts! They are absolutely nothing in the scheme of things. Focus on bettering your life.

3. Stop nursing this erroneous belief that you cannot survive without a woman(E.g. I must marry to please my ageing parents). Wake up man! The world is changing.

4. Embrace your masculinity. Stop talking like a wimp (sisi voice). Deepen your voice if you have to. Keep a few hair under your chin. These are things that make you a man. It's time to stop acting like women.

5. Pray if you believe in God. Live your life freely. Don't allow that pressure of go-and-marry push you into the pit of suicide due to false rape accusations.

6. You don't have to kill or smoke to be termed a man. Live clean.

7. Stop giving free money to girls. Stop this stup*d behaviour of lavishing money on vagina.

8. Stop elevating women! (They use this same money and power to bring us down). Think! - If a woman must lead, she has to earn it.

Anyways, this should begin to move men in the right direction.

 I hope. If not, men are heading for destruction.

Final thoughts.

Men are 100 times smarter, and stronger than women. If you doubt me, look around. Don't tell me that we are equal. We were never created equal. We can never be equal. Ten is not equal to one. Stop lying to yourself!
We have been on this earth together for the same duration of time. But women have still remained second to us. This is how God programmed things to be. Our help meet!

Sadly, We are their help "meat". Their MAGA.

Emancipate yourself from the slavery that the vagina brings. Help save man from this cruel future coming.
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