These 4 Types Of Lips Tells The kind Of Woman You Are Dating.

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The lips is a unique part of the body that participate in our everyday life activities, it is essentially when it comes to romantic affairs and it has also distinguish itself as a determining factor when it comes to the character of a woman.

In today's publication we would we analyzing 4 types of lips and how it tally with the personality of your partner in terms of reasoning.

1. Larger upper Lips.

If you notice that your partner has a larger upper Lips, well you should perpare yourself as you have gotten for your self a drama queen, who loves controversies in relationship.

2. Larger Lower Lips.

With the lower lips being larger than the upper Lips, it means such kind of ladies seek for pleasure,love and attention, they tend to enjoy life, they tend to go for what they like. 

3.Full Mouth

Closely equal lips that are large, if your woman has these kind of lips, well you have yourself a rear gem as she values relationship as well as friendships, they are naturally free handed and love to give

and if you are going to get married to her or you are already married to her, just know that she will shower your children with so much love that you will get jealous.

4.Thin Lips Or Smaller Mouth

If you notice that she has smaller lips of thin lips well take it to heart that, she is not someone that is petty of clingy when it comes to Relationships, most times she is absent minded in the Relationship, doesn't mean she doesn't value you.

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