Men, If You Notice These Things IN Your Woman, Leave Her

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1.Any woman that likes fighting always, leave her.

2.Any woman that likes gossiping, leave her, she could put you in trouble one day.

3.Any woman that can't use your picture as her wallpaper, leave her.

4.Any woman that doesn't like cheap things leave her. She might consume all your money and make you poor forever.

5.Any woman that can't manage the little you give to her, leave her.

6.Any woman that shouts at you, leave her.

7.Any woman that cheats on you, leave her.

8.Any woman that slaps you, leave her.

9.Any woman that embarrasses you in public, leave her.

10.Any woman who treats you bad, leave her.

11.Any woman who insults your parents in your presence, leave her.

12.Lastly, any woman that likes money more than you, leave her.

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