Instagram Celebrity Monalisa Stephen Plans On Increasing Her Already Massive Size Breast

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The Instagram celebrity disclosed this during an interview with Inside Nollywood, explaining that she has come to accept and embrace her body most especially her boobs for the way they’re but she does not see it as her selling point.

When asked about body augmentation she won’t be touching her backside because they’re already perfect for her body but would rather enhance her massive boobs and make it even bigger.

Monalisa Stephen said:

“I have embraced my body; especially my boobs, but I don’t see it as my unique selling point. I just feel like my boobs are a part of my body and I can’t cut them off.”
“Basically for me, my lips and face are my selling points, especially my lips. I don’t have any regret about my body. People can think of anything. For now, I have not had any breast enhancement surgery.”
But in future, yes, I may have it because I love big boobs. I want bigger boobs. I love my body. I tell people to embrace themselves and be comfortable in their skin.”
“I don’t see any reason why I should do any butt enlargement, mine is perfect for my shape and size. But you know, women and vanity, maybe later. But for now, no. I am not doing any butt enlargement.”

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