If You Have These 5 Problems, Then You Are Intelligent

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Being intelligent isn't a bad attribute in a person. It is in fact a very good attribute. Your being able to solve many problems and ability to understand what other people find hard to understand.

These are various problems faced by Intelligent people.

1. They find it very hard to make friends;

If you're an intelligent person then you probably know how it feels. Most intelligent people are not often liked by their peers who might be jealous of their achievements.

2. They do not perform in social activities;

This is a very common attribute in most intelligent people. They are often too busy reading that they have little or no time to perform in social activities. They tend to become socially awkward.

3. They don't talk too much;

Most intelligent people don't talk too much considering the fact that they do not have many friends and they are socially awkward so they find it difficult to express theirselves to others.

4. They like being alone;

Yes, many intelligent people like being alone most of the time probably because they like the peace and quiet as it gives them time to think and read without disturbance.

5. They are extreme perfectionists;

Intelligent people do not like mistakes at all they are extreme perfectionists and they like everything to always be perfect.

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