If you have eaten corn this year, read this article

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So many people in the world today has eaten corn in these season severally. There are some things you need to know if you have eaten corn in this season. Some of those things you need to know if you have eaten corn are the side effects that the corn may probably have caused to your body system and also the health benefits it has actually contributed to your health life. It is well known that health is wealth. 

When you are healthy, you are definitely wealthy on like those that are actually wealthy and spend large amount of money to make themselves healthy. This is why this article is necessary for those that have eaten corn this season in order for you to be aware of side effects and health benefits and also to guide yourself next time you want to buy a corn to eat.

Some of the health benefits and side effects of eating corn if you have eaten corn in this season are listed below.

Health Benefits:

1. It protects the heart:

The fat content in corn helps to resist or prevent the presence of harmful cholesterol in the body thereby preventing you from having cardiovascular disease. Corn helps the arteries in the body not to clog and it also helps to control BP (Blood Pressue). It reduces the risk of having heart attack or heart infections. 

2. It helps to gain weight:

Corn helps you gain a lot of weight because it contains large amount of calories.

3. It gives a good eye sight:

Corn contains vitamin A which provides good eye sight.

Side effects:

1. It may lead to excessive increase in weight:

As I mentioned earlier in this article that corn helps to increase the body weight. If corn is consumed excessively, it may lead to excessive increase in weight of which so many people are trying to prevent.

2. It causes indigestion and stomach upset:

Eating too much of cereals like corn can store up in your stomach and cause indigestion which will surely lead to stomach upset. Though, corn helps to get rid of unwanted toxic in the body but when it is been consumed excessively, it will cause indigestion. 

3. It causes tooth decay:

Corn as a food that contains calories and sugar, if it is being consumed excessively, it may cause tooth decay because of the presence of large amount of sugar in corn.

This is why you have to read this article if you have eaten corn this season in order to know the side effects and the health benefits so you will be well guided on how to consume it.

I hope this article has helped you a lot. If it has, rate or drop your opinion in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading. 

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