I Drank Homemade Tiger Nuts Milk And Lipton Tea Before Sleeping - See What Happens

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With the upsurge in lifestyle diseases and the coming of Coronavirus we have been advised about health issues and things, we can do to step up our immune system and to fight off diseases.

It is very important that you pay close attention so you can fully understand. In this article, I will be showing you the health benefits I got from drinking tiger nut juice mixed with Lipton tea.

First of all, I will list all the ingredients I used then I will move on to the preparation and lastly I will show you what tiger nut and Lipton tea did for me after I drank it before sleeping

Without wasting time let's hit the nail in the head.


Tiger nut

Lipton tea




- I properly rinsed the tiger nut

- I blended it until it was smooth

- I poured it in a container

- I added the Lipton tea

- I added some water depending on the quantity of mixture you have.

- I covered and kept until the next day

- I drank in the evening every day before I slept

This is what it did for me.

-It helped to increase my insulin production

- It acted as an anti-aging element for me

- It reduced the chances of cancer and heart diseases

- It boosted my immune system.
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