Men are respected and valued when you understand the importance of wisdom.

1. Never wear clothings that reviews your body or underneath it makes people to see you as untrained individual not even your neighbors, should see your body parts.

2. As a man don't be dirty inside your house and outside your house if you do then expect to also marry a dirty wife. Be a man who is also clean.

3. Don't be a man who abuse women; no matter how angry you are learn to control your temper abusing women makes you in responsible.

4. As a man don't be a womanizer changing women doesn't make you a champion, no one will ever appreciate you, it only makes you useless. And you can never make an impact In life.

5. Be humble no matter who you are today don't be a proud individual know that you can be poor today and tomorrow you can be rich.

6. Never do things for a woman with a hope of getting something in return, expectations are dangerous. Do it because you simply want help out.

7. Never be a wicked man! Life is about footprint, the Bible says the wicked will be forgotten ones they die but a good name will be remembered from generation to generation.

8. Never stalk the woman that left you for the other man learn to move on people come and go, they are not the only ones in this wild world.

9. As a man Do not share your best friend’s personal life with people just because they are no longer your friends.

10. As a man you should never act on distress in your marriage like checking your wife's phone, nagging nagging like a woman, and acting like a paranoid freak. You will simply release her to someone else by doing so.

11. Never dish out your entire family drama on a first date. To that woman just Because she wanted to know something about your family.

12. Stop obsessing over your body. It’s good to eat healthy and work out but leave it at that.

13. As a man stop drinking and smoking anything that is not good for your health be heavenly minded in this life because there's another life. a man Never leave your home without telling your parents or your wife where you are going it is very important to be open about your movements. a man never Allow only your wife to raise your children, no matter how busy you think you are at work or business.

16. Never wear clothes just because you want to impress friends, or strange people you don't know if you do you can't earn respect .

17. Never sag because you are not a monkey, sagging on men makes them look like a monkey, it also makes a man childish.

18. Never think you can threaten people who you think they are below you into submission. You simply get them irritated about your personality. not disrespect people because respect is reciprocal. You earn respect when you respect others.

20. Never wish to be like any man because you will never be him be yourself.

21 never stop praying with your whole family together, give everyone in your house to Led prayers together it help in building your family spiritual life.