Ways to Improve your Intelligence

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1. Meditate. Much research has shown that not only is meditating good for stress levels and mood, but it’s also good for brain functioning. It has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, patience, concentration, and memory. 

And it's totally relaxing, too. Try 30 minutes each day. You may split this into 10 or 15 minute blocks 2-3 times a day. It is preferable to do when you wake up, after you exercise, and at night directly before you go to bed.

2. Start doing regular aerobic exercise. The studies of Win Wenger show that breath correlates to attention span. Try underwater swimming or running. If not, any aerobic exercise should do. 

Exercise twice a day for 45 minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed. You should preferably couple this with meditation after you exercise. This is good for your waistline, too, and fitness, in turn, can improve your mood. The more endorphins you release in your exercise sessions, the more active your brain is and the better you'll feel.

3. Do word puzzles and problem-solving games. To stave off dementia and to keep your brain churning away at high speeds, make sure to do puzzles and games regularly – which means (in this day and age) more time on the Internet and your phone! Download apps like Luminosity, What Saying, Quiz Up, and other games that get your brain juices flowing. Put down the Candy Crush and spend some time instead improving your IQ.

4. Teach yourself something new. Actively learning new things helps your brain learn and may help you make connections that before were not possible. Learning a new skill such as how to play chess or lacrosse, how to juggle, or anything you've never done before for that matter – may help your brain in ways you never even dreamed of. Learning another language is a great way to get the brain working on new pathways. Not only does it fire up centers in your brain that aren't being used, but it's real-world applicable and impressive to boot.

5. Talk with smart people. Find smart people, go to talks from local intellectuals and engage with people there. Go out of you way to listen to smart people’s podcasts and reach out to them to get more clarification on their ideas. They’ll be flattered you listened and took them seriously.

6. Learn to Play an Instrument. Playing an instrument is a great way to increase your intellect. The reasoning behind it is that you’re triple tasking: listening, reading and playing the instrument.

7. Look up words you don’t know. As you’re reading keep a notepad of words you don’t know and take the time to look them up. Write down their definitions and then use them in a sentence right away on the same notepad. Expanding your vocabulary is tantamount to expanding your intelligence.

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