“She Should be Arrested” – Nigerians React To A Lady harassing a man Doing This

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harassment and rape should be handled equally, we shouldn't favour a gender over another. Men also fall victim of sexual harassment and rape but often times, the severity of this offence is being downplayed especially when the offender is a woman

The public can easily ignore the case of a man who is or has been sexually harassed by a lady, but will call for the arrest of a man who they see harassing a lady

This video below is a good example of a case scenario where a lady gets overlooked by passersby, while she was sexually harassing an elderly man who wanted to buy some fruits

The video captures an elderly man in front of a fruit vendor's shop trying to buy some fruits, and then this curvy looking lady dressed indecently approached the same fruit shop, pretending to want to buy some fruits also

She intentionally rubs her bust over the man's back in a sexual manner, and this made the man uncomfortable, so he forced his way out to an open space to give room for the lady thinking she genuinely wanted to buy some fruits

But as soon as she noticed this, she intentionally let a fruit down and pretended like she was picking it up, now she was wiggling her bum in that position making full contact with the man who still moved back in surprise

All the while, people were passing by and none cautioned the lady but they even laughed as though her offensive act was a good thing

If reverse was the case, am sure the old man would have been beating and arrested, imagine if his family See's such a video of their dad, or husband being harassed this way, how will they feel?

Now this video somehow was posted on Twitter and it had Sparked a lot of Reactions, as some people even called for the lady to be arrested

See Reactions below

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