Facebook is the only platform where so many people these turn unto to ease themselves of their daily stress.

The largest community on the internet with different kinds of characters. There is the good, the bad and the ugly and this is the fun of it all.

While we sit at home for the Covid-19 lockdown, we cannot kill ourselves. Many people have come up with different initiatives to engage their bored friends online.

That was how this trend came up on Facebook today. It is called Chubby girls challenge. Where extra sized ladies are made to stand, while a slender person stands on their backside.

That is why it is exclusively for Chubby girls.

Watch some of the pictures below.

This trend came up this afternoon and it is sweeping through every group and page on the social networks.

The goal is to kill boredom, laugh out your tiredness and relax a little bit.

This is not for slim ladies before they would get their hip bones broken. You have a chubby girl around your area? Perhaps you could try it out. Or comment what you are doing to kill boredom.