See Pictures Of The Girl Who Said She Is 16, Twitter Username: PreshyA33

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Remember a young girl on Twitter named @PreshyA33, who took to her twitter handle dayd ago, to make a shocking revelation that got the platform into a frenzy, as she said she is 16 plus and her boyfriend is 39.

She further explained her decision of getting involved with someone way older, and said she does not want to get involved with boys of her age, dubbing them "small boys".

Many people had judge the young girl as to the age difference not being healthy, with her being a minor (not up to 18) and calling the relationship child abuse, with no dignity and foundation.

The mixed reactions are comprehendible, given that she announced her age by herself, one would not tell by looking at her, with her physical appearance so much contradicting her age.

However, that is not the case, as I've been able to come out with beautiful pictures of the girl, she really is beautiful, one, that will catch the attention of many.

If she does not tell you her age, you won't believe until maybe, you check her birth certificate, but I bet, after checking her birth certificate, there will still be doubts due to her nature.

Here are series of her pictures;

Gorgeous, right?


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