Please Don't Ignore This Message If Your Husband is A One Minute Man

When a woman complains of her man's machine weakness, the question that always comes to my mind is, what have she done to increase his machine power?

The type of food you feed your man could make him perform poorly in bed. This thing is not an individual responsibility, since both of you engage in it and enjoy it.

If your man cannot perform above average, then you have a vital role to play, helping him is not by just inviting him to bed but helping him to last longer in bed and doing the thing beyond your satisfaction!

Let's take a look at natural substances you can use to help your man. Ginger and dried Dates.

Ginger is a powerful natural aphrodisiac, it increases machine prowess, it also increase libido and makes one stay extra longer in bed.

Madam, when your dear husband return from outing and after serving his food, just give him Ginger Juice.

How to make it:

Put ginger in a blender, add 1 and half cup of drinkable water and blend till it becomes thick and pasty. Strain and sieve the juice from the ginger, place it on fire, let it to heat for like 2-3mins then give it to oga to drink. he will climb Olumo rock with ease.

As for dates, make sure you both eat it before or after taking your daily meals, it helps a lot.

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