Looking for a cheap data plan?

In today's post, I will show you the MTN 1GB for 200naira subscription code and everything you need to know about it.

In my previous article, I covered some mtn data plan codes for Android, and if you missed it, go check it out right now.

It contains an affordable data bundle that gives you BIG data volume for a low cost.

About MTN 1GB Plan

This plan is amongst the newly launched data bundles on MTN Nigeria.

I hope you heard of the upgrade? MTN introduces a new set of internet bundles where you pay less to get more time to fuel your hustle.

Making it more interesting, there is no change in speed (of course you know MTN offers quality network coverage), instead, you get super-fast browsing experience online using 4G/LTE service.

Update: This is the MTN Welcome Back Data Plan. It's simply a way to bring back their old customers to the network (telling them "thank you" for not running away, lol 😂).

So you can also take part in this amazing offer by inserting a 3months old MTN sim on your phone, then dial the below code to get 1GB for 200naira.

(You may choose to keep your sim that long, it's your choice)

All prepaid customers are very much welcome to subscribe to this plan including MTN Pulse subscribers.

You just have to follow the instructions carefully by recharging your account with the required amount of airtime and you will be given your desired data volume data bundle with other important information.

How To Subscribe To MTN 1GB For 200 Naira Data Plan

  • Simply dial *131*65*2# to activate.

Before you proceed to dial the above USSD code, you must make sure you have at least 200naira airtime on your MTN line.
  • Dial*556# to confirm your account balance.

Related To This Plan

There are two (2) data plans that came alongside the MTN Pulse 200 for 1GB plan. See them below:
  1. MTN 4GB for N1000
  2. MTN 250MB for N100
And you can always subscribe to any of these plans by:
  • Dialing *131*65#.

Then reply to the code of your preferred plan (e.g reply 3 for the 4GB plan and 1 for the other).
And you are good.

Data Plan Validity

  • 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM for 30days.
This plan lasts for 30days.
However, it is only active at night from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM in the morning. This means that it is a night plan but it has gives you more time to browse and download your favorite stuff on the internet.

Am I Eligible For This Plan?

Yes, MTN has stated clearly that this plan works on all mtn lines including the old and new customers.

But as it is, you still have to check your MTN 200 for 1gb eligibility.
  • Simply dial *559*65# to confirm. That's how to be eligible for MTN 200 for 1gb plan.

I came to understand that the plan was made for "RunAway Customers". That is mtn users that abandoned their sim cards for 30days or more. No recharge, no data purchase.

You can give this a second look by doing deep research. Go search for an MTN customer who kept his/her SIM card unused for a long time. (Maybe your family or friends)

And of course, here is how to be eligible for MTN Deal Zone to enjoy the mtn 1gb for 200 data plan.
  • Insert the SIM on your phone.
  • Save Configuration Settings properly (optional).
  • Recharge your line with N200
  • Now, dial *131*65# to subscribe.
  • Reply to 2 to select the 1gigabyte plan.
What is your result? Let me know in the comment section.

How To Check MTN 200 For 1GB Balance

Always check your available data from time to time. This helps you make the right decision on exhausting your current bundle.

How To Buy MTN Data Plan

  • Simply dial *131#.
  • Type-in 1 and send it to select the list of available data plans.
  • Select your preferred data bundle.

  • Proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Code For MTN Data Plan 200 For 1GB?

The simple shortcode is *131*65*2#
You should receive a confirmation SMS from MTN telling you how successful the operation was.

How Do I Get 1GB Cheap Data?

It's simple. Here's how to get 1gb for 200 on mtn:
  • Dial *131*65# to subscribe.
  • Type 2 in the space provided and hit "Send".
  • Now, proceed with your request.
MTN will send you a message with some important information after this action.

How Can I Get 1GB For 500 Airtel

  • Recharge your line with N500 or more.
  • Dial *312*2# to get 1gigabyte for 500naira.

How Can I Get 1GB Of 300 On Airtel

  • Make sure you have at least N300 recharged on your Airtel line.
  • Now, dial *668# to activate the plan.


The MTN 1GB for 200 naira plan is one of the newly updated data bundles on MTN.

And if you are lucky, you may accumulate the data and get even more time to browse the internet.

I hope you subscribed successfully?

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