It is generally inferred that erectile dysfunction (ED) is attributed to men as they begin to age. But it isn’t necessarily a normal part of aging for men. 

There are many factors causing ED, but what you eat plays a crucial role. As a matter of fact, bad food choices can lead to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis which can restrict the blood flow to some parts of the body. 

Therefore, controlling your diet can make the difference between a great night and a frustrating one. Get to know these foods that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

1. Fried Foods

Foods deeply fried in fat and oil are the most unhealthy food out there. Frequent intake of fried foods may cause many health problems, heart diseases, and cancer. If you want to perform well in bed for as long as you desire, you should abstain from fried foods such as fried chicken, doughnuts, French fries and other deeply fried foods.

2. Meats

If you want to keep going hard, good blood flow is essential. In fact, ED can actually be a sign of an unhealthy heart. Consuming a lot of red meat blocks the arteries. Research has also revealed that to prevent artery blockage, it is paramount to avoid eating red meat. But, consumption of foods high in fiber, such as fruits, grains and vegetables, is quite helpful to the body. According to the consumer research journal, animal protein can cause a lot of diseases including impotence.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol gives a soothing relief. It makes you more confident and relaxed. But, excessive alcohol consumption can cause ED thereby affecting sexual performance.

Studies shows that heavy drinking lowers your testosterone level. Your body tries to remove the alcohol from your blood stream and taking out testosterone as well. Alcohol can lead to decreased sexual urge, premature ejaculation and difficulty reaching the climax. In addition, chronic drinking can lead to prolonged erectile dysfunction.

4. Soy

Many switch to soy because they want to eat healthier. Whereas soy contains unhealthy fats that can cause imbalance of estrogen and testosterone thereby affecting mood, strength, energy and sexual condition. Furthermore, excessive intake of soy may lead to breast development in men. However, fermented soy is safe to take because it is made through natural fermentation.

5. Packaged And Canned Foods

This might be shocking, but regular consumption of canned and packaged foods affects your performance in the other room (bedroom).

Canned and packaged foods contain BPA — a chemical that hinders sex hormones in the body. Examples of canned and packaged foods containing BPA includes beverages in containers, canned beans, peas, soups, and so on and so forth. Research has also shown that high level of BPA in the body can lead to erectile dysfunction and even reproduction challenges.

6. Salt

Excessive consumption of salt has the negative impact of Viagra. It causes hypertension and choke the arteries. Moreover, salt, high blood pressure and heart disease goes pari passu. Salt can make your arteries hard and less elastic, which will make it become harder for the blood to circulate.