If The Sexual Urge Is Too Strong & U're Not Married Just Do This

There are several things you can do I will list them from safest options and you can move forward as you see fit.

1.Masturbation, Sex toys and manual stimulation are fantastic ways to address what you need without feeling the need to have a partner if that’s not what you are currently looking for.

2.If companionship or just a warm body is what you really want, you can try a friend with benefits. 

Sometimes just having a casual relationship with someone you care about who isn’t necessarily committed to you or you to them can be a great comfort.

3.Online hook ups are in my opinion the least safest option but it is in fact on option. Tinder,Grindr, Bumble etc. 

There are tons of options for random hook ups but as I said least safest, use protection and use at your own risk.

If you want immediate gratification I suggest that you use the above methods. 

But if you don’t mind waiting, meet someone special and get to know them. 

The sex will be better as sex on an emotional level is far more satisfying then meaningless hook ups.

Hope this helps!