Today on my article I will be talking about the LIFE LINE and you can Identify that on your palm.

Take note it can vary from others. 

Someone will ask "how can you see the life line on palm?"remember as I said earlier on its palmistry.

I will explain with words the below it i have an image indicating the various type of line in our palms and showing it meaning as well.

The life line on our palm is shaped like "bracket open (" on the palm which is somehow closer to thumb finger.That life line consist of your Heath, wealth etc.

That's the image below;

If you are able to identify the bracket open sign on your palm then I'm proceeding to the meaning of it and based on complains from my followers.

they were like, theirs are short, faded etc so I have provided all the meaning to if you find yours to be short you don't have to worry because I have all the meaning to that.

So the meaning based on the line and is as follows;

Short : it has to do with you being able to come out from any type of challenges.

long and deep: you are very fortunate if you have such a line on palms because it shows your very strong in health and wealth is definitely going to be your portion.Most at times this people normally say it been five years I have been to the hospital and most of them to can testify to it because they have that line on their palm.

Faded line: It indicates that you will really not enjoy the most and it also depends on you.

Broken Line:This is the most challenging line also because temptation will really come and also you might go through hardships and difficulties but you are able to over it rapidly.

doubled: Doubled You are considered to be the luckiest person to have such a shape on your palm because you're going to be loved by people and also you're going to be inspired by them.

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