She was moving to the music coming from the headphones plugged in her ears. She loved listening to music as she cooked. Those were her two favourite things, cooking and music. She was covered in just her husband's T-shirt and was dancing as she bustled around the kitchen.

Her husband, Femi, would soon be back from work and she hoped to have his dinner, ready and waiting. She swayed her hips and ass to the beat as she set things up. 

She was so deep in the groove that the feel of hands wrapped around her waist from behind caused to let out a sharp scream of shock.

She turned around and came face to face with Femi. She smiled while quickly removing the headphones. Femi looked back at her smiling with eyes crinkling with mirth.

"Hey you are early..." she started to say but he halted her words as he claimed her lips with a kiss. She put her hands around his neck and kissed him back. She was a little surprised to feel his hardness poking him.

Femi had been watching his wife move that sexy ass for ten minutes before grabbing on to her. The way she moved and swayed was more than a little erotic. 

When she reached up to take a set of spoons from the top cupboard, his shirt, which she wore so sexily, hiked up to reveal the underneath of her bum. In no time at all, he felt himself go hard. He gave in to the pull and went on to grab his wife.

The more they kissed, the hornier she got, She was enjoying the way her breasts grazed his chest which caused her nipples to harden in response. 

He put his hands beneath his shirt and began to rub his palm against her ass. He slid one hand in between her ass so his finger was teasing her asshole.

She moaned into his mouth knowing he was teasing her like this because she enjoyed it. She moved her pelvis against his groin, hoping he will enjoy her own attempt at teasing him. 

She cried out   as he slid a finger into her asshole. She wondered if they should move the tryst into the bedroom but she knew it was too late for that. They were both consumed with need.

He lifted her and settled her ass on the kitchen counter. Her shirt had moved up so her bare ass felt cool against the wood she was sitting on. He pressed her legs apart and bent his head between them. Grabbing her ass, he moved her forward so her pussy was on the counter.

He reached in with his mouth and used his tongue to tease her pussy open. His wet tongue mixed with the wetness from her pussy as he slid it inside to meet her clit. She held on to his head and moaned loudly in pleasure as soon as his tongue touched her clit. He teased and stroked until she clenched her feet and came hard into his mouth.

He carried her off the counter and set her down on the ground. Knowing what he wanted, she turned around. He lifted the shirt, held on to her waist and slid his hard cock into her pussy from behind.

He did not give her a moment to get used to him as he began to slide determinedly in and out of her. Her pelvis was hitting the counter as he fucked her but she did not mind. She held on as he slid the cock in so deeply that she gasped.