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Who Is Funmi Awelewa?
Funmi Awelewa is a beautiful, busty Nollywood Yoruba actress who is also a producer.

Funmi Awelewa hit the limelight with her second personal movie production ‘Aromimawe’ in 2015. She has since produced many others, featuring in many blockbuster movies of Yoruba genre.

Nickname: Funmi Awelewa is also known as Morili Orofo

Full Name: Funmi Awelewa Babalola

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Funmi Awelewa?

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Funmi Awelewa from?
Funmi Awelewa is from Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Funmi Awelewa was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, but she is originally from Osun State. Funmi Awelewa is the second to the last child of the family. Her fond childhood memories include that of playing a game called Kelegbe with her siblings and some friends.

Funmi Awelewa father is late. He died before she started acting but her mother who is still alive supports her as an Actress.

Education: Funmi Awelewa attended Francis ‘M’ Nursery and Primary School, Agbowo, Ibadan, Orogun Grammar School, Orogun, Ibadan. She also attended the University of Ibadan where she got a Diploma and BSC in Library Archival and Information Studies.

Funmi Awelewa And Taju, Child: Does Funmi Awelewa has a child?
Funmi Awelewa doesn't have a child yet. She however had adopted Taju as her son but the Oyo state government later took him away from her and adopted him.

Speaking on Taju, Funmi Awelewa said:
"I saw Taju’s video on Instagram and I felt so bad for the little boy because I wondered why a five-year-old boy wasn’t in school. That was my motivation for helping him. If some people feel I did it for publicity sake, I understand because it is normal for people to talk. I am not surprised. I don’t care what people say or think about me, as long as it won’t stop me from doing the right thing."

Nollywood Journey & Sola Kosoko: Funmi Awelewa was given her first role by Sola Kosoko and the title of the movie 'So So Kenke'.

Nollywood Breakthrough: Funmi Awelewa was brought to the limelight by the movie 'Aromimawe'. It was her second personal movie as a producer  in 2015.

Boyfriend: Funmi Awelewa recalls, “My ex boyfriend broke up with me because of my profession – acting. I don’t know what really happened, he just walked away, probably intimidated by the profession” she had to Vanguard.

Wedding, Marriage, HusbandIs Funmi Awelewa married?
Funmi Awelewa is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.
Funmi Awelewa only did her wedding in movies not in real life.

Bleaching: Did Funmi Awelewa bleach her skin?
Funmi Awelewa denied ever bleaching her skin.
Funmi Awelewa told Punch:
"Some people have even accused me of bleaching my skin but it is not true."

Movies: Funmi Awelewa has acted in the following Nollywood Yoruba movies, Car Dealer, Igbeyin, Igboya, So So Kenke, Morili Orofo, Ebu-Ika, Aruga, Excursion, Simbi Alamala, The Chain and Egg among others.

Personal Productions, Producer: Funmi Awelewa, the Ibadan based Yoruba actress had  produced over five movies titled, Aromimawe, Omo Ibadan, Natasha, Gbakoje and Morili Bilisi among others.

Tattoo: Funmi Awelewa likes tattoos and has her hand tattooed.

Ibrahim Chatta And Funmi Awelewa Dating Rumours: Addressing it, Funmi Awelewa told Punch,
"The story that I had a relationship with a fellow actor, Ibrahim Chatta, is a bygone issue and I debunked the rumour a long time ago. People who are talking about it are still living in the past."

Role Model: Funmi Awelewa has Funke Akindele, aka Jenifa as her role model.

Kind Of Man: Funmi Awelewa told Punch, "I like tall, cute and dark men".

Boobs: Funmi Awelewa has big boobs but hardly flaunts them on her instagram page.

Net Worth: Funmi Awelewa makes money as an actress and producer who has produced many Yoruba monies but her net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Funmi Awelewa instagram page account profile handle funmiawelewa 

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