There are things you do every day, and you have already made them a habit, and they seem to be completely normal in the way you do them. But no, if you know how to make things the right way instead of your habit, your life will change!

1. Holding a Beer.

When we drink a glass or bottle of wine, we tend to catch the body of the beverage. But our hands treat heat, and doing this affects the temperature of its beverage. Instead, we should have beer on the neck of the bottle, and the wine on the stem of the glass.

2. Brushing your Teeth.

We need to brush the tooth gently every two minutes. Whatever you are told - brushing your teeth before and after a meal is a bad idea.

3. Wearing Headphones.

If your headphones are falling out of your ear, it may be because you are not wearing them properly. Try rolling them over the top of your earring like this:

4. Sleeping

5.The best position to sleep is on your back - but if you sleep on your side, place a mattress between your legs to align your spine. Eating a Banana.

We open bananas from the trunk. But the monkeys pinch the other end of the banana, twist the leg and peel.

5. Using The Bathroom.

People will be sitting in squat when going to the toilet because this is the only natural way to do it. Unbeknownst to them, this has helped them get rid of feces, and this pose has saved them from various health problems, such as constipation and hemorrhoids. If chronic, these ailments can lead to many complications and even to colon cancer.

6.Cooling Drinks.

You can pop a bottle in the fridge or freezer to cool on a hot day. But the best thing is to wrap it in tissues first.

7. Washing Jeans.

Instead of washing your jeans after each wear, you will be washing away what you paid good money for, and force them to endure the washing hell, store them in the freezer, which will help eliminate the odor and slow down the washing a long time.

8. Heat the food in the microwave.

Next time you heat up the leftovers in the microwave, make sure you create a small hole in the middle of the food on your plate. Doing this will allow the microwave to heat your food evenly.

9. Scribbling Secrets.

Avoid turning it into a tasty, fluffy bread upside down and cutting it on its flat bottom. Every time you find the right pieces - guaranteed.

10. Canceling Secrets.

To ensure that no one can read what you wrote, do not write it down with just a few lines. Instead, cover it with different words and random letters.