8 Lazy S£x Positions Perfect for Low-Key Mornings

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1. Spoons

“Spoons feels amazing for heterosexual couples because the angle and position actually squeeze the penis and make it tight with each thrust,” explains Nelson. “It works great for [two vagina owners], too, since the big spoon partner can reach around and finger the little spoon.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

2. Inverted Missionary

“In this one, the bottom can thrust their hips upward to assist in pleasuring their partner,” says Nelson. “It’s a great one for intimacy, since the partners can look into each other’s eyes, hold hands, and let hands and fingers wander all over each other’s bodies.”

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Jenny Yuen.

3. Screw

“If it’s midnight nookie and you’re only half-awake, this position is great, since you can lay on your side sitting up on your elbow, or just lying flat,” says Nelson. “For maximum enjoyment, grind your pelvis in a circular motion to increase orgasmic potential.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

4. Launch Pad

“This position is one of the best for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation,” says Nelson. “With your feet flat against your partner’s chest, you can control the depth of the thrust or tickle [their] balls. Place a pillow or wedge for back support and superior positioning to aid in stimulation and orgasm.”

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Jenny Yuen.

5. Rear Entry

“This modified doggy-style is one of the best for G-spot simulation, and for those times when you’re feeling lazy. Open legs will give you deep penetration, and closed legs close will be ideal for G-spotting. Plus, your partner has a great view to smack you on the butt or for anal and vaginal fingering,” says Nelson. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

6. Deck Chair

“To make this position feel amazing for both partners, with every thrust, the top partner should squeeze and release the penis or toy with [their] vagina through a kegel,” says Nelson. “The sensation of tightening will drive [penis owners] crazy, and the squeezing and thrusting will help you on your way to orgasm.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

7. Poles Apart

“[Vagina owners] will enjoy this head-to-foot position where your bodies are smushed together and one partner can finger the other,” says Nelson. “For [cis-gendered] straight couples, the penis is at an unusual angle, so you can try holding open your butt cheeks to help him better slide in,” says Nelson. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

8. Missionary

“Classic missionary is one of the best positions of intimacy and connecting with your partner. It feels good for both people and is great for kissing, butt-grabbing and sucking on nipples during intercourse.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!


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