Smart people aren't just defined by their outrageously high scores on IQ tests. 

They tend to share a bunch of other characteristics, like insatiable curiosity and a good sense of humor.

An exception is how smart people behave, and what they do, too. 

These features are popular with extraordinarily intelligent individuals, and they differ from the ordinary.

Here Are the 7 Things Only Very Smart people do

1 They don't know when they hear a new word; they immediately search it to know its meaning

2 They always listen to other people's opinions

3 They approach people they know are smarter than they do

4 They are always willing to accept that they don't always feel right

5 They always feel very patient before taking action

6 They do not always have a fear of taking chances

7 They speak less and when they finally start speaking they know when to be silent

You are definitely a very smart person if you take the following