4 questions ladies hate being asked

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Little things exuberates ladies, thats why she is there by your side. You will definitely distort her feelings when you start asking her some silly questions. 

Definitely the lady likes you that's why she's by your side! There is a distinct feature or rather character, in a man, that sweeps a lady off her feet! So that's why she is there with you my guy! Don't start ruining her escalating feelings by asking her these type of questions.

1. body count

Never ask a lady her body count! Never! Now even if you ask her, she will definitely tell you "three"

2. Don't ask a lady why she's fat, curvy, thin black or light skinned. 

When you ask a lady such a question, what will hit her mind is either you don't appreciate her the way she is or maybe it's lust!

3. Her ex

You're new into a relationship and you're eagerly dying to know who was hitting the honey pot before you. Don't rush into asking her who her ex is! Proly you will piss her off. She doesn't want to rekindle the good old memories with her ex!

4. Don't judge a lady

Yes, everybody have a background, totally different! So don't think your new girlfriend will behave similar to your ex. She can't cook, she snores at night, she laughs out loudly, she's eats a lot, she's arrogant, she's lazy. Bro! Don't judge her, love the way you found her. Or rather make her what you want her to be

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