1. call her like twice daily

Calling her like two times a day have an extended way to head in securing your relationship because it show her you care and value her.

2 Don’t wait until she ask you for cash

provide out freely girls love money and surprises , maximum of them will say they're no longer materialistic but the truth is that all women are materialistic.

3 Don’t tell her she’s dull

talking is one of these things girls are certainly properly at ,assume they're a laugh to be with telling them they're boring is like killing there emotions

4 kiss her on her brow

Each woman love to be kissed on the fore head as they believe it means you need them in your life.

5 every time she let you know she’s missing you, and you aren't around, try your best to peer her that day.

All ladies love to be with the man they love , and could cross any miles simply to be with him or see him.

6 play with her like your sister

strive as tons as you can to usually play with her and also be fun to be with.

7 on every occasion she tells you, baby am sorry, try to forgive/overlook

Actually this apply to everyone continually strive as tons as possible to usually forgive and overlook just by means of listening to the word am sorry.

8 have unique time with her and tell her how stunning she is

have special time together with her way of having first-class time along with her , as we all recognize giving your woman masses of time is very tough as work and a few other plans will set in, but the little time you can give to her let or not it's exceptional time this is allow your soul, frame and thoughts be present when you are with her.

9 Don’t make her cry

women are recognized to be the wicker vessel , as they cry to any issue lol, as a matter of fact they them self don’t realize why they're crying but attempt as an awful lot as feasible to lead them to happy often .

10 introduce her to your friends

introducing her to your friends is like letting her know she is the main chick and not the side chick , and additionally which you are happy with her and you are happy to name her your lady .

11 don’t promise her heaven and earth when you don’t have it

Don’t simply try to make her expect what you cant give to her, waiting for things and later no longer getting them makes them lose there for you.

12 constantly tell her sweet word it makes her feel special.

13 hold her on her waist at the same time as on foot collectively to make her experience protected. women loves show enterprise

14 tell her how unique she is

15 Don’t engage her with a ring if u aren't positive to marry her because girls do commonly get hurt.. And they could cry nonsense

16 she’s your baby , cope with her with care.

17 text her within the morning and inform her you miss her

18. Don’t lay your hands on her

by no means lay your hand on any lady not only your female. instead talk some sense into her and that makes you a real guy

19. correct her privately when she’s incorrect in the public. By no means correct her or shout at her publicly as you're in directly tell them they may be dumb and additionally it type of embarrassing

20. Don’t buy her the sector with the whole lot but buy her your attention.