The law of attraction is particularly evident in humans, opposite sides attracts while same side repels.

Ever see yourself walking down the road and you look ahead and see a beautiful girl walking towards you? In your head you're trying to muster enough courage to talk to this girl but she walks right past you and you couldn't even say "hello" to her.

Well in a case like this what exactly happens? Let me break it down briefly, you froze up and thought of the situation too much, you immediately start contemplating what to say and what not to say, you start getting a little light headed, you're scared right now, you end up giving up because you don't want to be rejected, well first of, getting rejected isn't a big deal, it happens a lot, and it would happen to you, not all the girls you see on the road would feel you, no matter how much of a Casanova you are. Real men know this which is why they never give up no matter the circumstances.

But all hope is not lost in this article I'd be showing you 10 ways to make that girl feel you and not get rejected its not 100% full proof but when you're good at these things, you'd be getting the girls more often than not.

Below are ten ways to approach a lady

1. Smile

When you're approaching a lady you don't know or you've been seeing around for sometimes but haven't got on talking terms, make sure you smile. I don't know a smile that would make someone uncomfortable, smile gently and cool, be a gentle man, a smile can ease the tension.

2. Confidence

You can have everyother thing on this list if you don't have confidence you'd be shooting yourself on the leg if you approach a lady. The only time this can be a good thing is when the girl naturally likes guys who are not too confident, which is really rare, do not confuse confidence with shyness, you can be a little shy but still be confident.

3. Don't shout when trying to call her

Be civilized, I know you're desperate but you need to controls yourself, when she's far away from you, just respect yourself and wait for another time. Shouting to get her attention would most like embarrass her, so it won't end well for you.

4. Dress code

Your dressing is the first thing people notice about you, the way you dress is the way you're approached. Your dress code matters a lot when approaching a strange girl for the first time. You cannot dress like a tout and expect a girl who doesn't know you jack about you give you any face, to her. Girls are really conscious of their surrounding and people who get close to them.

5. Don't hold her

I know you're stronger than her and all but don't flex it and hold her while you both are talking, you'd come off too strong and you'd blow your chances. You're there to win her heart not to make her scared of you, don't touch her

6. Don't call her sexy

I can't believe some guys do this, you're just meeting her for the first time, calling her sexy is just plain disrespectful.

Look, women love compliment but don't compliment her that she's sexy when you're just approaching her, its rude and isn't something you should do when you're just meeting a girl.

7. Don't look at her breast

This one is just disrespectful, common bro, don't ever do this, why would you look there when you're having a conversation? Even people you're close to and talk with it's still not cool to do that. When you're talking with a girl maintain eye contact but don't be too strong, take your gaze on and off so she won't feel uncomfortable, do this and she'd respect you even if things doesn't go as planned immediately if you act gentlemanly you might just scoop up a chance.

8. Give her some space

Let me just say an arms length, short enough that you can easily give her your phone to input and her and long enough that you're not standing all over her face, personal space is important and some people find it annoying when you don't do this. Give her some space, let her breath.

9. Compliment her outfit

Ladies love compliment, I'm sure you're already aware of that, but when doing this don't make it seem weird or too racy. Make it simple, maybe she's putting on a head band or a bracelet, in between the conversation quickly chip in how lovely the bracelets are, you'd awe her with this, for the fact you've acknowledged her dressing she'd be happy about it, and when she's happy you're a lot closer to getting her approval.

10. Watch the questions you ask

It's an introduction not an interview don't ask unnecessary questions, keep something for the date. Filter your questions pick out the most important ones, then out of those important ones the most important ones is what you need to ask. Eg her name.

These little piece I've shared with you, might not look like much but trust me put this into practice and see how your game is changed. You'd end up taking numbers more than you expect.