Angel- call her to let her know she is a perfect girl in your life

Buttercup- it is a classic name, not used by many hence she feels ordinary.

Mon cheri-it is a French word for sweetheart and you can bet it up the cooler factor.

Chica- it is such a sweet and sexy name in Latina for a girlfriend in your life.

Bunny-it is such a sweet word to show her your softer side.

Baby girl- it is popular in the southern and shows how close you feel to her.

Baby cakes-is used to ones with curves and you appreciate her for them

Hottie- call her if she is hot and she knows it. Give her what she wants.

My Juliet- if love is underlying, remind her of your love and commitment.

Peach- peaches are usually both cute and sweet, works under different levels.

Wifey- call her to let her know she is a wife material.

Smileh- if she is ever smiling.

Twinkle - if she wrinkles like the stars.