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Today, we will be looking at ten things most girls wants in guys apart from money. You would agree with me that money is not everything. 

There are some girls who have good money, and are well to do. All they need is a good man of their dreams.

Many guys actually wants to be good but they have no idea on how to go about it. They tend to meet these ladies; and at first, things may be going well, but all of a sudden the relationship would just crash without any reasonable reasons.

This is why I decided to write this article as demanded by you guys for you to know how to go about a girl who may want some specific qualities in you. There are some qualities you can adjust to, and there are some you cannot adjust to.......Do the ones you can and leave the others, afterall, you are a human being.

With that been said, I bring you ten qualities most women look for in guys apart from money.

1, Humility

One of the key ways to the heart of most ladies that have sense, is humility. Almost everybody hates someone with pride; even the bible condemned it. If you want your girl to be happy with you, you must learn to be humble. Humility is not stupidity. Humility simply means that you know when to apologize when you did your woman wrong. This is one of the qualities most girls desires in a man apart from money.

2, A Good Listener

There is nothing more interesting to ladies than to have a guy who pays attention to them when they talk. To them it is golden. There are some guys who don't listen at all. Whenever a girl is having a serious discussion with them, it is either they are distracted with pressing their phones or they just don't pay attention to every little details of the discussion. If you don't pay attention to your woman when she talks to you, you are indirectly sending a signal that she worth nothing to you. Most women don't like such guys.

3, Respectful

Being a respectful man to your woman does not mean that you should lick her feet. There are ways you show respect to your woman by knowing her weaknesses and not using it against her. Know when to call her if you have stayed outside for too long. Before you make some certain key decisions, at least seek for her own ideas. This simply means you value and respect her as your spouse.

4, Romance

Of course, everybody wants someone who is very romantic. Your relationship cannot be spicy enough if there is no romance. Romance makes a relationship very lively and fun. With a very good romance, you don't even need to do things in the other room with your woman for her to feel satisfied. Almost every woman needs a romantic man. If you are not romantic as a man, then you need to learn it.

5, Black Skin

I know that not all guys can achieve this one. It is not your fault that you were born in a fairer skin. But that does not change the fact that 95 percent of African ladies prefers guys with darker skin. To them, dark skin represents manliness, strength, and hardwork. They see most guys with fairer skin as lazy people. Sorry if that hurts, but that is the truth. If you are a lady reading this post, please testify in the comment section that what i have said is the truth so that i won't lose my fair skinned followers.

6, Funny

Everybody wants to be entertained and be happy. If you are a guy who is very funny, then you are lucky. It is one of the qualities most girls desires in a man. According to some ladies, being in a relationship with a guy who is not funny can be very boring sometimes. Even when you try to crack a joke with such person, he doesn't see any reason to laugh. No woman is ready to be in such an isolated relationship. As a guy you should learn to be very flexible and know when to catch some fun with your girl. Even if it is pillow fight, that is something.

7, Tall

Just like skin color, it is not your fault that you were born short, but that doesn't change the fact that 95 percent of girls prefers tall and black skinned guys. Most ladies just don't like going into a relationship with a guy shorter than them because they won't respect you. They will always see you as someone who is below them. Imagine looking up to your woman whenever you are having a discussion. It just don't seems right to some ladies.

8, Wisdom

This is one of the ultimate qualities most ladies desires in a man. A woman wants to see her man as someone who should be able to guide her, and advise her on what to do when she feel lost. It takes a man with wisdom to actually see the results of any situation even before they occur. And this is what most ladies wants in their man. They want to feel confident that their king is like king Solomon. So if you are a guy that is blessed with wisdom, you are lucky because once a woman who knows your worth spots you, she won't let you go.

9, Facial Appearance

This is where it gets a little bit confusing in the world of women. Some ladies are actually scared of guys who are too handsome, while others don't want to date ugly guys. There lies the problem. Some ladies prefers guys who are not too handsome and not too ugly; reasons being that most guys who are too handsome are cheats and gigolos. And they are also scared of dating ugly guys because they want to give birth to cute So we are still settling this very matter 😂😂

10 Big Cassava

The last on my list for the ten qualities ladies wants in guys apart from money is big cassava. My Nigerian people already know what this means. I don't want to go into details because i need this article to be very clean as possible. The other room must be very spicy, because most ladies dislikes dull moment. So the size of cassava you have in your bushy farm determines how lucky you might be to harvest some sweet cherries.

So, there you go.....ten things most ladies wants in guys apart from money. 

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