Women Are Identified Among The Worlds Most Dangerous Animals For This One Reason

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A woman on a Leapfrog sex position(Photo courtesy)

The worlds most dangerous animals include the cat family that include the Lion, Cheetah, Dogs and Leopards.

This is because of their long claws strength and speed but all al these originate with sense of flexibility.

Well imagine someone who can stretch their body like this animals,giving a posture similar to this animals without any difficulties.

Leapfrog position its. When having sex, most of the people prefer this position as it stimulates the G-spot well. The sex position is a variation of doggy style.

The woman goes down on knees ,chest down, arms flattened as the man comes from behind. The women stretches her back like the cat family do.

A photo grid of a lion stretching and woman on leapfrog position(Photo courtesy)

Imagine getting to the position the lion is at. How do u stretch your back bones? How can one flatten their back and raise their ass up like that at the same time?

Men also prefer on different other sex positions including doggy style, cowboy and many other positions but this seems to be the most fitting one for good sex.

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