Woman Who Spent $16,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Micheal Jackson

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Some people spend thousands of dollars on multiple operations and plastic surgery just to look like their favourite celebrity or idol and instead of making themselves look like their idol, they look worser than them or look like monsters

Miki Jay, mother of three and British who spent $16,000 dollars to look like her idol Micheal Jackson, she did different plastic surgery procedures like Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery), Cheek Implants and Chin shave just to look like Micheal Jackson, it is said the british makes about $250,000 impersonating Micheal Jackson and became a successful professional impersonator, she turned her plastic surgery transformation into a profitable buisness and also spent a lot of money bleaching her skin making her skin look snow white like Micheal Jackon's

The Micheal Jackson Super fan is popularly known for her obsessive act and is on the list of people who did plastic surgery to look like their idol and it went too far.

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