Have you ever wondered what it is that men find so attractive in a woman? Maybe you’re wanting to impress a particular guy and have been wondering what he finds attractive.

The truth is that different guys will find different qualities in women a turn-on. However, there are several qualities that almost all men will find attractive in a woman.


Most men love women who are in shape, Men are more often than not attracted to women with wider hips and a smaller waist that's why men in most cases will prefer a woman in shape over other women.

A sense of humour

Having a sense of humour helps to make the relationship more fun and shows a guy that you have an easy-going side to your personality. No men find grumpy women attractive.

Women with an adventurous side

Women with a sense of adventure are very attractive to almost all men. Having a sense of adventure gets the guy thinking of all the fun things the two of you can do together and also gets him wondering if your adventurous streak extends to the bedroom.


A warm smile is an undeniable attractive feature to men. It immediately gets our attention and gives the impression that a woman is interested and ready to flirt

We're also checking your teeth in the process, Nice looking teeth are an indicator of strong health and good genetics

Clothing Style

The style of your clothing can determine whether or not people find you attractive

As far as men are concerned we love a woman with a good clothing style orfashion sense.


Like anyone else men feel important when one pays attention to them, Satisfy a man's ego and he'll definitely be more attracted to you.


A kind woman is the most attractive woman in the room. Men love it if a woman is kind to the people who maybe from a lower rung of society. It is very attractive if the woman makes it a point to be extra nice to servers at the restaurant.

Women who are clear about how they feel

Men like women that display behavior that is equivalent to how they feel. Ex: If you’re angry about something, tell them the reason, they will do what they can to fix it. Do not act passive aggressive and hope that they find out the reason.

Women who have their own hobbies, and goals

Men like women that have their own hobbies, lives, goals, and friends. They find it very attractive to hear you when you go on and on about your goals in life as they love women who have different interests in life.