What happens to your body when you drink cold water PLEASE READ THIS

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Water is essential for human survival. Water is needed for functions like digestion,getting rid of waste,maintaining the normal body temperature and so on. 

It is said that a person can survive for more than 3 weeks without food but for water the maximum time a person can survive without it is a week. Studies has shown that cold water is not really safe for drinking and I'll tell you why.

It has a heavy impact on the body

After a vigorous work you feel like taking a glass or two of chilled water well that is highly advised against. According to gym experts you body produces a lot of heat when you work out so if you take cold water after a strenuous work there is a mismatch of temperature in your body and that exerts your body. Your body has to find a way to regulate that cold water with the temperature of the body. Drinking cold water after a work out can lead to stomach pain as very cold water shocks the body.

It affects your digestion

Cold water and other cold drinks makes the blood vessels contract and restricts digestion. When you consume cold water the body's focus shifts from digestion to regulating the body temperature and the chilled water. Your body spends extra energy in regulating body temperature when you consume anything lower than normal body temperature

Reduces the heart rate

Another effect of cold water on your body is reduced heart rate. It has been proven from research that cold water doesn't only reduces your heart rate but also stimulates the nerve controlling the involuntary functions of the body the vargus nerve. The vargus nerve is affected by low temperature so as the vargus nerve is being affected by cold water the heart rate slows down.

Worsens achalasia symptoms

Achalasia is a condition that results from damage to the nerve in the oesophagus. This prevents the oesophagus from squeezing food into the stomach. Drinking cold water worsens the symptoms.

And also cold water causes sore throat, cold and so on.

With all these it is advised that you consume more room temperature/warm water.

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