I previously wrote an article on the types of guys in a Nigerian University(you can check my timeline if you haven't read it), so this write-up focuses on the certain categories of girls that you will find in a Nigerian University.

10 types of girls in a Nigerian University:

Let's get right to it.

10.The Girl Who is dependent on her parents: She's never held a job in her life. She has yet to discover what it means to be self-sufficient, she is typically from a rich family but trust me they are cool to be with.

9.The Academically minded girl: She doesn't gossip, hangout, and frequently spends her Friday nights cooped up in the library preparing for an exam 3 weeks away.

Everyone envies her work ethic, yet they don't care enough to apply themselves as much as she does. She has a little number of friends and mostly surrounds herself with geeks and nerds like herself.

8.The Girl Obsessed With Her Boyfriend: She's never at the house and doesn't have the enthusiasm of reading. She started university with a ton of girlfriends and now rarely talks to any of them. People question her independence sometimes. She is just interested in having a guy to cling to who will feed her and provide her needs.

7.The Girl that falls for every guy she sees: She's boy crazy. Believe me if he's giving her attention, she'll give him whatever he wants in return. She's yet to meet Mr. Right, and she's scared that she might never see. They are generally friendly and like to offer guys free stuff.

6.The One who loves drama: You go to this girl for the latest scoop on everything. She's addicted to social media and usually knows what's up before it even hits Twitter. This girl can be your best friend, or your worst enemy..."Zee world".

5.The Enigma: This is the mysterious girl people don't know much about. She's quiet and more on the introverted side, but deep down she has a lot of opinions, some of which she would rather not share. People do fear her lol because they believe she is deadly 😂

4.The Girl That Keeps To Herself: She minds her own business and lets her success be her voice. She's humble and a hard worker. These ones are very intelligent and are mostly in tough departments e.g engineering.

3.The Girl That Literally Knows Everyone: You can't go anywhere with this girl without running into at least 5 people she knows.

She's the life of the party, and the one person everyone wants to be friends with because she is relatively popular. They might even know the lecturers 😂 Avoid offending them for they can't frustrate you.

2.The Bookworm/school nuns: This is the girl you will often find reading a novel or watching a documentary.The girl with sexy yet sophisticated glasses, the girl who prefers oversized blouse, shirts, trousers, and shirts.

1.The Super Independent Girl: She goes to school full time while holding a job. She doesn't rely on anyone else to make her happy.

She knows what she has to do to succeed, and she does it.

She mostly ends up graduating with great results and is referred to as a financial woman.