You may look five years older if you sit for more that seven Hours everyday. This can causing ageing of the body and it's same as being lonely without friends. According to research, lack of friends also causes fast aging and some other health problems. There are other things that we do everyday that makes you age faster.

This article contains things that can make you to look old faster so that you can start avoiding them today. You have to take note of these details so that you can correct the mistakes you make.

1. You sit more than 7 Hours in a day.

When you don't do some exercise and you sit more than 7 Hours, you will look 5 years older than your age. This statement is correct when an experiment was done on 1,500 women and determined it may be connected to our DNA. When you sit for a long time, it may shorten your chromosome's length.

When your chromosomes are shortened, it can result to some disease. That's why researchers recommend doing exercise regularly and taking a break from sitting.

2. You put on heavy earrings too often.

There is weight added to the delicated areas of your ears when you wear heavy earrings. It causes split earlobes. Heavy earrings makes your skin get stretched which some creams cannot fix. Our ears are visible part of the body, this will make people see that it is looking old with saggy looks and wrinkles.

3. You eat only red meat.

Red meat is only expected to be eaten in a small amount. You are not expected to eat it all the time. Research says that if you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and you eat lots of red meat, you will begin to look old. Red meat contains one element in the blood called Serum phosphate, And this can cause some chronic kidney diseases. The solution is to eat balanced diet, you should not eat red meat alone, mix it with other foods especially vegetables and fruits.

4. You don't have friends.

Friends prevent you from being lonely but if you neglect your friends inorder to study alone, you will look older than your age. This was discovered in a study by researchers. Loneliness caused depression Which could lead to death.

This effect may be seen in people who are lonely and have no friends or people that don't go out but stay at home. You should get more friends inorder to make yourself happy and reduce your chance of looking older than your age.

5. You drink from water bottles.

A professional, Dr. Chasin Mitchell exolained that an habit of drinking water directly from bottles can form wrinkles around your lips. Although it has nothing to do with biological aging but if increases your chances of getting wrinkles which can make you look older than your age.