Things That Ladies Do That Makes Guys Lose Interest In Them.

Everyone has interest in someone or something, not because of anything but probably because of a unique or a specific thing about that someone or something.

For instance, when you buy a cloth, initially you become so attracted to the cloth because definitely there was something special about that particular cloth, that was why you bought it.

But as time goes on, your interest in the cloth you loved so much begin to go away, probably because it has faded and you can't take it out anymore or maybe it becomes too tight and you can't wear it anymore.

Another example, let take a mobile phone, when you buy a mobile phone, and you start using it, you have no problem with it until it starts generating faults over and over again. You repair it several times but yet still the fault keep reappearing. That is when you lose interest in the phone and probably you may consider buying a new one.

The same thing implies to humans. We get attracted and interested to others by some characters they have or some deeds they do.

So if the characters or deeds that attracted people to be interested begin to change, then they also seem to lose interest in you.

But in this article, we are mainly going to talk about ladies and some of the things they do that makes guys lose interest in them.

There are a lot of things that ladies do which they take it to be normal but probably may not seem normal to the guy they are in a relationship with, a guy crushing on them or any guy around them.

So ladies, there may be things that you do, and may seem normal to you or maybe you may not notice it but others may do. So there is the need to know yourself and become mindful of what you do.

So here is a list of things that ladies do that makes guys lose interest in them.

1. When she is intolerant to the guy, that is always not giving the guy the chance to express his view on issues.

2. When she always demand money from the guy, gradually he begins to think she is only after money and not him.

3. When she doesn't accept her fault in case she does something wrong.

4. When she refuses to offer apology when she goes wrong.

5. When she doesn't practice good personal hygiene.

6. When she always speak harshly.

7. When she is not mindful of what she says.

8. When she is always giving unconvincing excuses on the reason why she doesn't keep in touch.

9. When she is irresponsible, forgetting that she is in a relationship and needs to do what has to be done.

10. When she always demands gifts on every occasion without giving the guy any, not even on his birthday.

So ladies, not all though, but this are a few things that when you do, it makes guys lose interest in you.

I sure hope this article will be informative and helpful.