The most difficult thing to study is the menstrual cycle but its the simplest to understand.

The average number of days for every woman is 28 days.

Some falls between 24-31 days and these are due to various factors such as environment, dieting, emotional stability and some medications and others.

Oral contraceptives also changes the menstrual cycle of every woman who relies on it for protection against pregnancy.

The simplest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to totally avoid unprotected sex for Ten(10) days right after the last day of menstruation.

This means that, its important to keep record or ask the partner to record the last day of which there were no blood flow.

Counting it ahead of time can tell when one's free period to have unprotected sex begins.

Every female has at least 10-15 days of free period in the menstrual cycle depending on the number of days there were blood flow.

The chart above shows that, the menstrual period starts from 11 May and ends on 16 May. Fertility period begins from 17th to 22nd May 2020.

This means that the five (5) days of fertility includes the free period of 3 days and 1 day for ovulation.

From 23rd May to 4th June is free period on these calendar for which its free to have unprotected sex.

Since most people don't know when the day of ovulation occurs, its better to avoid unprotected sex within these days.

Trying to understand the ovulation period sometimes fails a lot of people since the time of ovulation cannot be determined by the body.

Various changes happens in the body and its affect when to ovulate.

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Expert explain that, there are two different free periods in every menstrual cycle.

The first is the 3-5 days after the last blood flow which is the most dangerous period for unprotected sex.

The second free period is the last 10-15 days before the next period of blood flow .

Whenever there is unprotected sex within the 3-5 days with the assumption of its been free and there is a deposit of semen in the womb, the semen stays for 3-7 days before dying.

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Within these 3-7 days as the semen is in the uterus, the egg will eventually be fertilized leading to unwanted pregnancy.

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Most people fall victims of getting pregnant whiles still following their menstrual cycle calendar.

Its best to avoid the short free period between last day of flow and ovulation.