Crayfish is very popular with its great taste and its essential vitamins and minerals. 

Cooked crayfish contains the abundant amount of vitamin B, copper, selenium, protein, iron, zinc, and amino acids. 

Hence, as crayfish is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it will be beneficial to promote the overall body health.

But let me bring to your noticed that Crayfish is very bad to human health it harmful effect is much than its benefits They complex ancient animals : 

Crayfish have been existing in the ancient days.

Am not saying you should not use to cook but just minimize the intake of it, it cause the following infection

1: They are killed in horrible ways imagine been boiled alive they killed crayfish by boiling them alive

2: They feel pains Crayfish have a nervous system and suffer/feel pains when they are been ripped apart

3: Numerous studies have also found high levels of mercury and other toxic chemicals (including s, and dioxin, which have been linked to cancer, nervous system disorders, and fetal damage) in fish flesh. It can cause Cancer, diabetes, diarrhea blood pressure so Crayfish is not advisable to be use when cooking

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