Soak Cucumber with Cold Water Overnight Drink on Empty Stomach, To Cure this Infection

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It was a very good day for us to receive positive updates on those who follow my health tips that I will not hesitate to put to everyone's benefit. Today I will be teaching you how cucumber when soaked in water overnight can help cure this Infection. 

   Method of preparations 

1: Get a cucumber wash it very well. 

2: Get a bowl of water drenched the cucumber inside and spread it leave it short-term. 

3: The following morning expel the cucumber from the water add little milk and sHoneyto taste then you drink on an unfilled stomach once in a day.

   Effect of the above mixture. 

1: It reduces breathlessness.

2: Minimizes cancer risk.

3:It helps manage stress.

4: Controls blood pressure.

5: Helps your body flush out toxins

6: It cures ulcer / stomach ache.

7: Helps maintain healthy body.
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