Who are the curvy celebrities in Kenya?

Let us look at some of the curvy girls in Kenya.

Vera Sidika

She is one of the curviest women in Kenya. She rose to fame after she posted a photo of her rear back on social media platforms. She is also a businesswoman, where she opened a beauty parlor offering beauty services.

Neomi Ng’ang’a

This beauty is a famous radio personality and actress, and she is best known for her curvaceous body. She has embraced her plus-sized figure and has managed to start her fashion line as a result. There is no doubt that she has proved that being plus-size is no excuse for not being sexy. Her talent in dressing thick women is phenomenal.

Bridget Achieng

She is famous for her acting role in the Television series Nairobi Diaries. Interesting to note, she openly came out that she used a lot of money to bleach her body as a way of boosting her looks and self-esteem. Apart from that, she is well endowed when it comes to a curvy body, something that she does not shy away from showing off.

Mary Mwikali

This lovely beauty will surprise you with her boldness when it comes to doing what she loves. Many fell in love with her during her morning show in one of the leading media houses in Kenya. She is also admirable when it comes to being curvy to make fashion statements.

Kamene Goro

Famous for her strong personality and ability to grow a thick skin when faced with controversies, Kamene is a curvy lady who is not afraid to flaunt her body. She is a radio presenter as well as a plus-sized model who does not disappoint in her dressing.

Grace Msalame

The beautiful Grace is known as ‘Sowairina’ on her social media platform. She is a mother of lovely twin girls, just like their mum. She is a renowned TV presenter for a show known as ‘Unscripted with Grace.’ Her ability to dress her curvy body is quite sensational.

Risper Faith

This lovely Kenyan socialite came to the limelight after flaunting her curves on social media and, as a result, getting an audience.

Corazon Kwamboka

Kwamboka is a famous Kenyan socialite who, interestingly, is a lawyer by profession. If her body shape is something to go by, we can say that she is what we call a curvy African lady.