Moyo Lawal is currently one of the most famous Nollywood actress. She is famously known for her explicit acting talents.

Moyo Lawal was born in Badagry town. She grew up there and schooled there as well. She then studied ‘Creative Arts’ at the University of Lagos.

Moyo Lawal began acting in a small play production, and had not much of an important role.

Moyo Lawal is known for her beauty and heavily endowned body. She (Moyo Lawal) mentioned in an interview that she is always amaze when people tell her that she is sexy because she doesn’t feel so.

Hilarious right? Everyone knows that her beauty is not to be taken for granted.

Most times one would even forget she was actually an actress. You would think she was an Instagram sensation (No offense!).

On various occasions, fans have claimed that Moyo’s behind wasn’t natural, but she had claimed and stood her ground that she had never done any bum surgery whatsoever!

Lest I deviate from the main purpose of this article. Today I will be showing some throwback photos of Moyo, before she became the bursty Moyo Lawal you see on tv today.

Did you know that Moyo Lawal wasn’t as heavily endowned and bursty as she is know? Well, I have proof!

Below are some of the pictures of what Moyo Lawal looks like now;