Public toilets are certainly not the most pleasant place to visit. 

When using a public restroom, you have probably wondered why the doors do not reach the floor and why they prevent you from doing your private business in private. The answer is that it is not intended to embarrass you. In fact, there are many very good reasons for this and we want to tell you about it.

1. It is easier to clean.

Due to the demand for public toilets, it is necessary to wash them several times a day. The space at the bottom makes cleaning toilets quick and easy.

2. In the event of an accident, you can easily get help.

In a completely closed position, if a person passed out or had a health problem that made them unconscious, it would take a long time before anyone noticed. Instead, it would be easier to notice a person passed out in a position with a space at the bottom. In addition, a first responder can slide through the space and unlock the door from the inside without breaking it.

3. Helps to curb inappropriate behavior.

Lack of privacy in public restrooms also prevents people from doing things on the spot that they shouldn't be doing. The characteristics of the doors allow a higher level of vigilance and the prevention of inappropriate behavior.

4. Construction is cheaper.

Building partitions that extend from floor to ceiling requires more precise design and the use of various materials, which would increase the total cost. For the business owner, it will always be more profitable to buy and install slit doors.

5. There is better ventilation of the odor.

In a completely closed bathroom, it is difficult to get rid of unpleasant odors. With spaces above and below the bathrooms, the air circulates much better and the bad smells disappear more quickly.

6. It is easy to see if it is available.

If the position is completely closed, we still run the risk of experiencing an awkward moment when we try to open a busy position or hold it on the other side, which is worse. With the space under the door, a person can see if the bathroom is empty or not.

7. It is a possible escape route.

Imagine the locks - if the stall is completely closed and the place is too noisy, you would spend hours waiting for someone to notice. However, if there is space under a bathroom cubicle, you can easily escape by crawling under it.

8. Keeps the line moving.

When the doors are not completely closed, the lack of privacy gives visitors the impression that they need to do their private business faster, which speeds up traffic.

9. You can share toilet paper more easily.

We all know this horrible moment when we suddenly realize that we ran out of toilet paper when we went to the toilet. If this happens in a public restroom, you can at least ask the next person to pass toilet paper to him, but if there is insufficient paper in a completely closed booth, no one can save him.