List Of What Keeps Women In a Relationship, The First One will Marvel You

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Money, Romance, Love, Honesty, Sincerity, Security And Attention.

It is in the nature of women to be confused of what they really what in life especially when they are to decide on who to date, because their lives are complicated, I have tried to figure it out but couldn't get to any conclusion yet. 

When you love a woman, she complains of so many things because you have not actually done the things that would make her over look some certain things. 

Just imagine this, when You are romantic, she will still complain that you are broke and when you give her attention, when you are honest to her, she'll still complain you are not too good on bed.

Yet again when you are being so spiritual, she will say you are too churchy and not her kind of man, Isn't it confusing.

But my brother relax and hear this, if you want her to ignore things and stop ccomplaining, When you have money, I mean when you have money, when u are a billionaire, if u want her to be happy all the days of her life, Uncle give her money, I repeat, Give her money, i mean money that will short her mouth forever.

The way women love money eeh, money and women are two things that cannot be separated from each other, when you refuse to give her money, she tends to nag, she tends to complain alot, the remedy for women wahala is giving her money, money and money.

When you have given her money, enough money, then you can do anything and she over look it. If not, the relationship tends to have problem and constant complaints.

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