Ladies this is for you: How to identify fake love

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It saddens me really when I see a beautiful lady I know crying because of a man. 

Because I know when a girl loves she loves with her heart and she gets carried away by the sweet talks of deceptive men

I myself have toyed with a girls heart in the past. I'm not really proud of that because I have seen the pain they pass through and what it does to them in the long run

To girls a break up is much more deeper than just ending a relationship. It goes farther than that 

It's as if a part of them dies, there dreams dies, it's as if all their hopes came burning down. They start having trust issues. It might lead to deep hatred for men and some even loose there will to live 

Ladies you can safe yourself of all those pains and heart breaks if you know some few tricks men use it decieving you girls 

1: If a man who you have never met before, a stranger no matter how cute he is 

If he walks up to you and tells you straight forward that he loves you, he confess his undying love for you. My sister run away it can never end well

The phrase “ I love you ” is what men use in confusing and trapping innocent girls

Can a man who haven't even know your name talk less of your character claim to be in love with you? 

That's a big lie 

What he ought to say is to compliment you 

“ You are beautiful/ pretty and I would love to know you better ”

Because only when he knows you better he can really claim he loves you

Or he can say “ I am attracted to you ”

This is acceptable because it's possible to get attracted to something that is beautiful even though you are just seeing it for the first time 

You see a beautiful house and immediately you admire it, you see a lovely car and you want it for yourself 

So it makes sense if you see a beautiful lady and you get attracted to her but attraction is not love. It can lead to love but it alone is not love

A man who is quick to bring out the “ I love you ” word is a professional liar. He most have said that exact words to like 15 girls that day prior to you 

It has become like a poem to him that he recites at any given point in time. 

Love is a very deep word, Love means sacrifice. When you claim you love someone it means you can do anything for that person even controlling your urges 

2: If a man is overly confident while asking you out beware. Be very careful 

Normally when a guy truly loves you he becomes nervous barely looking into your eyes talk less of professing his love for you 

He might try to cover up his nervousness by trying to look cool or smiling but you will surly see it in his eyes and voice that Mr man is shaking oh

But see the big mistake here girls tends to follow the guy beming with self confidence the guy that talk with them without no atom of fear 

“ That's a real man ” girls would say and follow the guy 

Biggest mistake of your life. A man that shows no sign of nervousness while asking you out isn't really bother if you reject or accept his proposal. To him you are not really a big deal 

He has been asking a whole lot of girls out. As many as he can ask in a day so it has become a normal thing to him. It's either you say “ Yes ” or “ No ” nothing's going to change 

I'm sure after asking you out, regardless of your response he would still ask another girl out, that's just his way of life. I know this for a fact because I'm once like that 

But the guy who is so nervous, the one that his legs is literally shaking that is even stammering and seem not to be able to join two sentences together 

That guy is very bothered about your answers, that guy has been practicing for days, weeks even months how to ask you out

And when he eventually summoned up courage to confess his real feelings for you, just standing before you staring into your eyes everything he had practiced and rephrased flew away from his head 

But it's a pity, this are the guys that girls turn down most of the time 

I have asked a lot of girls out in my life time and I never get nervous, it's so easy to lie to a girl so easy to keep her ticking making her blush and to finally get what I really want from her

but the day I asked my current girlfriend Success out my legs were literally shaking and my heart was beating really fast because truly she is the only girl that I had truly loved 

I might as well have cried if she had rejected me that day 

I know ladies love there men all cool and confident but trust me give that nervous guy a chance and you will know the true meaning of love 

Because they say when a guy is in loves he acts stupidly

Check it out 

Adam disobeyed God because of love

Samson died because of love 

Solomon turned against God because of love. And he was the wisest man on earth! 

3: A guy who tries to use your love for him as a blackmail 

“ if you truly love me you will give me $ex ” run from such guy. That is what he only wants from you

That's what we call calculated and manipulative blackmail

once he gets it you become old news, cheap and he looks for the new one that's if he doesn't have already 

A guy who truly loves you will wait until you yourself is ready to give him your body 

He won't try to emotionally blackmail you into getting what he wants, because a guy who truly loves you is enjoying everything about you and just your company alone is enough to make him happy 

In fact the girl would be the one to offer herself to him “ don't you love me? Why haven't you touch me?... Take me now! ” joke apart. I'm saying the truth 

4: lastly a guy that truly loves you will be there for you whenever you need him

He is proud of you, he doesn't only sneak at night to meet you, he walks with you both in the day time 

He gets jealous, very jealous but he never harm you. Very protective of you because he never wants to lose you

He introduce you to his friends and family. He makes you feel special really not by sweet words but by actions 

He talks about you always to his friends even when they are arguing about sports he knows how to bring your name up 

“ I swear the way Messi score that goal just sweet my body like the way I feel when Chioma rob my chest ”

But sadly the problem is that this type of guys are the ones most ladies use as Mega. They label them “ Mumu ” They milk them dry and push them away 

I guess life has it ways of balancing things 

You use and push the guy that truly loves you only to fall in the hands of a player 

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